Top 5 Websites Like Craigslist for Gigs (2024)

As the gig economy expands, more people are looking for platforms where they can pick up flexible work. One of the popular sites for gigs is Craigslist but there are others and this guide discusses 5 alternatives to this popular gig site.


Craigslist is a local classified Ads website with 7 sections including gigs. It is a brilliant site but using other websites like Craigslist specifically for Gigs makes it easier to find what you are looking for. It also reduces the time you may spend searching for gigs if you used Craigslist.

Craigslist has 2 unique features: 1, you can view listings. 2, you can also add your listing. All websites featured in this guide have these two features but focus specifically on gigs. is number 1 in our top 5 websites like Craigslist for gigs for one reason. It is the most popular gigs website!

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Most people think of as a site to find gigs. But you can also offer your own gig. To create an account, on the top right of the page click Become a Seller.

You can offer literally any skill. From logo design to translation, will allow you to set your gig up in minutes.

One unique thing about is that the system only allows you to charge $5 for your gigs. But you can quickly grow to the next level where you will be able to charge more for your gigs.

Apart from offering your gig, you can also search for gigs. That is, find people that will do stuff for you for as low as $5. The process is as simple as search for what you want, select the best gig that meets your need, pay, and get your job done! is the second on our list of websites like Craigslist for gigs. Though a gig website, has a fairly different approach compared to

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Unlike, does not have an entry level fee for your gigs.

To understand how works click How It Works. The first step is to create a compelling profile, with details of your skills. Next, search for projects and send proposals to project owners. If the project owner is happy with your proposal you are hired!’s system manages the entire process. When you complete a gig your pay will be released. All done.

Finally, for this gig website, apart from offering your gig, you can also find talents in The first step is to create a profile, then post your project. Once you post your project, freelancers within the system will start sending you proposals. The next step is to set up interviews and hire the most suitable candidate.

The third gig website in our list of websites like Craigslist for gigs is I have known this gig website for some time. It is one of the oldest.

Top 5 Websites Like Craigslist for Gigs (3) is very similar to Like also has a How It Works section that explains the process. The process is the same: write a compelling profile, browse jobs (gigs) that suit your skills, expertise, price, and schedule. Then send the project owner a bid. If approved, you deliver the gig and get paid. made it to our forth position of websites like Craigslist for gigs. This new gig website brings two unique offerings into the gig market:

  1. Contests: This allows project owners to post their project so that hundreds of freelancers can bid for it. Freelancers can then contest (bid) for the job.
  2. Buy Services: These are services (gigs) posted by freelancers that can be purchased directly by people that require such services. You can post your own service (gig), sell and start making money!
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To start offering gigs with

  1. Click Login / Sign Up (top right or page)
  2. Create an account with your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn or email
  3. Complete your profile
  4. Bid or contest for gigs
  5. Get approved
  6. Complete the task
  7. Get paid is the last in our list of top 5 websites like Craigslist for gigs. But it is by no means the least!

Top 5 Websites Like Craigslist for Gigs (5) offers everything you need to start making side money fast! Or you need is to open a Freelancer account. Then create a profile that describes your skills in as many details as possible. Finally, find suitable gigs and start applying. If you are hired, deliver high-quality jobs and great customer service. Gig away!


That is our list of websites like Craigslist for gigs. There is one common denominator to your success in any of these gig websites. Your profile has to be well written.

When you apply for a gig, project owners will review your skills before making a hiring decision. If the information in your profile is scanty, you will struggle to find a job. So, take time to complete all aspects of your profile. Provide as many details about your skills as possible.

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Top 5 Websites Like Craigslist for Gigs (2024)
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