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The Trading Pit is a leading prop firm who offer $1M funding and up to 80% profit share for traders who pass the trading challenge without breaking any of the rules.

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The Trading Pit Review


Being the new global benchmark in trading and investment is the bold aim of The Trading Pit. They give traders the information and resources they need to succeed as trading partners and potentially receive up to 80% of the earnings.

The Trading Pit goal is to utilise some of the most potent trading platforms and tools available in the market for high-performance order processing. Delivering a fantastic app for asset management, investment, and prop trading that is accessible to all aspiring traders.

Trading might resemble an odyssey, a protracted journey replete with challenges, stumbling blocks, and emotional ups and downs. They have travelled this route countless times and have prepared a safe way for you. They think that the only way for them to flourish and develop as a team is by working together with traders.


The Trading Pit is an award-winning global proprietary trading firm that makes the commitment to help you realise your full potential and find employment in the trading industry. With their business partners in the asset management, hedge fund, and certificate industries, they have a wide-ranging and exclusive network.

The Trading Pit places a high priority on its partners’ risk and legal protection. To secure the safety of The Trading Pit and its partners, they have hired financial markets law specialists. The funded account collaboration concept with prop traders has received no criticism. It is transparently designed for genuine mutual progress and built to succeed in the long run.


  • Earn up to 80% of profit
  • Different challenges to choose from
  • For professionals and beginners
  • Very good trading conditions
  • 160+ operating countries
  • 25+ Institutional Partners
  • Professional trading platforms
  • Live webinars, education and tools provided
  • Withdrawable profit at each level
  • One-time challenge fee and 100% refund of the cost of challenge after passing Level 1
  • Allow most trading strategies including expert advisors, news trading and weekend holding
  • Simple, transparent rules, with no small print or hidden clauses


  • 80% profit share slightly below industry standard
  • Forex and futures only (at the moment)
  • 10 minimum trading days
  • Strict drawdown limits
  • No free trial

The Trading Pit Review



You must complete an evaluation challenge to demonstrate your trading consistency and risk management skills in order to become a funded trader. Pick a programme that works for you, between the forex, futures or combo challenges. More funds become available as you improve. Traders can expand their account to begin earning real money once they pass the challenges.

  • Simple rules
  • Any style and strategy
  • Overnight and weekend trades on Forex
  • Trade Real Futures
  • One-time fee 100% refundable
  • Challenge Days up to 90
  • Option to leverage up to 1:200

Live Trading

You can get a live trading account if you successfully pass your challenge whilst sticking to the rules. Without there being any time restrictions, your account can increase to $1 million in funding power when trading forex. With futures, you can scale all the way up to 50 contracts. Traders can earn cumulative profit up to $297,300 with the combo option. Potential profits keep increasing as the account does.

  • Live Accounts
  • Fast Payouts at each level
  • No time limits to reaching targets
  • Scale up to $1M (forex)
  • Scale up to 50 Contracts (futures)
  • Earn cumulative profit up to $297,300

The Trading Pit Champion

The Trading Pit has fully funded your skills once you reach this stage. You can stop putting your money at risk! With $1M in fundraising, you can join The Trading Pit as a funded partner and keep up to 80% of your profits. Trade with their funds and if you so choose, pursue a career as a fund manager.

  • Fully Funded
  • Keep up to 80% of profits (forex)
  • Keep up to 80% of profits (futures)
  • Pursue a professional career

Combo Challenge

With the Combo Challenge, traders can use a single account to access both the Forex and Futures markets. This allows traders to diversify their portfolios, boost their earnings, and employ trading methods with a level of flexibility and variety never before possible.

Profit from the distinctive advantages of both markets, such as the opportunity to trade on the Forex market around-the-clock and the ability to trade futures contracts with less cash. Stop hopping between several platforms! Save time and lower the possibility of mistakes.

The Combo Challenge is, all things considered, a cutting-edge and potent trading solution that gives traders the best of both worlds and equips them with the tools and convenience they require to be successful in the markets.

The Trading Pit Review


The trading rules are clear-cut and easy to understand. Not a long, convoluted list with numerous requirements like you find with some other prop trading firms who try to trip you up with complex and ever-changing restrictions.

Forex Challenge Rules

  • All types of trading styles are allowed
  • Do not exceed the daily loss limit
  • Do not exceed the maximum trailing drawdown
  • Do not exceed 50% of profit target in a single trading day
  • Fulfil minimum required trading days
  • Hold positions over the weekend: Max 10% of total margin
  • EAs allowed

Forex Scaling Plans

The forex scaling plan allows you to see how many contracts you can trade at once at each level as well as the corresponding drawdown restrictions. They are willing to trust you with additional contracts and higher drawdown limits as long as you meet profit objectives, receive payment immediately, and scale up.

You get promoted to the Executive Scaling plan (up to 80% – 20%) if you successfully complete the Executive Challenge. You can trade with $100,000 when you reach Level 4. You will immediately receive your $6,500 profit split once you reach your $10,000 profit goal. Additionally, a Level 5 account with increased purchasing power will be given to you.

Your account will be cancelled and The Trading Pit will cover any losses incurred on your live account if, for any reason, you violate your account by exceeding the Drawdown limit.

Your account is dynamic with this prop firm. After passing each stage, you scale up. The speed at which your account grows is totally up to you. Take up to 80% of the profits at every level as you scale up to $1M.

Level 1$ 2,50010%3%7%50%$ 125
Level 2$ 5,00010%2.5%7%50%$ 250
Level 3$ 10,00010%2%4%55%$ 550
Level 4$ 20,00010%2%4%55%$ 1,100
Level 5$ 40,00010%2%4%60%$ 2,400
Level 6$ 60,00010%2%4%60%$ 3,600
Level 7$ 100,00010%2%4%65%$ 6,500
Level 8$ 150,00010%2%4%65%$ 9,750
Level 9$ 200,00010%2%4%65%$ 13,000
Level 10$ 250,00010%2%4%70%$ 17,500

Futures Challenge Rules

  • Do not exceed the daily loss limit
  • Do not exceed the maximum trailing drawdown
  • Do not exceed 50% of profit target in a single trading day
  • Fulfil minimum required trading days

Futures Scaling Plans

The futures scaling plan shows the maximum number of contracts that can be traded at once at each level as well as the corresponding drawdown restrictions. They trust you with more contracts and higher drawdown limits as you surpass your profit objectives, receive payment right immediately, and expand.

You are promoted to the Executive Scaling plan (60% – 40%) if you successfully complete the Executive Challenge. You may trade up to 2 regular contracts or 20 micro contracts in Level 1 using the margin allotted to you. You will immediately get payment for your $900 profit split once you reach your $1500 profit goal. A Level 2 account, which offers you more contracts to trade and a higher Max drawdown, will also be given to you.

Your account will be cancelled and all losses incurred on your live account will be covered by The Trading Pit if, for any reason, you violate your account by exceeding the Drawdown limit.

Your account is dynamic with them. After passing each stage, you scale up. How soon your account grows depends entirely on you. You can scale up while taking up to 70% share of the profits at every level.

Level 15$250$100$30050%$125
Level 27$400$100$30050%$200
Level 310$600$100$30050%$300
Level 415$800$250$100050%$400
Level 520$1,000$250$100050%$500
Level 625$1,500$250$100050%$750
Level 730$2,000$500$200050%$1,000
Level 835$3,000$500$200050%$1,500
Level 940$4,000$750$300050%$2,000
Level 1050$5,000$750$300050%$2,500

Futures Market Data Fee

Every month, the trader will be directly charged a data fee by the exchange. Fees will start after you complete the challenge and activate your account, and they will continue each month. Therefore, traders must agree to pay the related market data fees in order to participate in the futures market.

For Challenge clients, the prices listed below are already included in the product price (per challenge). Only clients with Live Environments/Scaling plans will be responsible for paying these fees.

Login Monthly Fee

  • Rithmic User Login fee – $35

Market Data Monthly Fee for Rithmic:

  • EUREX – €20.00
  • CME ONLY – $13.00
  • COMEX ONLY – $13.00
  • NYMEX ONLY – $13.00
  • CBOT ONLY – $13.00
  • CME BUNDLE – $37.50

Combo Challenge Rules

  • All types of trading styles are allowed
  • Do not exceed the daily loss limit
  • Do not exceed the maximum trailing drawdown
  • Do not exceed 50% of the profit target in a single trading day
  • Hold positions over the weekend: Up to 10% of Margin
  • Trade from a minimum of 10 (Lite) or 7 (Executive) days
  • Leverage may be different per different asset class
  • Futures are based on exchange-traded products
  • Expert advisors allowed

Combo Scaling Plans

Your account is dynamic on the combo challenge. After passing each stage, you scale up. The speed at which your account grows is totally up to you. Take up to 80% of the profits at every level as you scale up to $1M.

Level 1$ 2,50010%3%7%50%$ 125
Level 2$ 5,00010%2.5%7%50%$ 250
Level 3$ 10,00010%2%4%55%$ 550
Level 4$ 20,00010%2%4%55%$ 1,100
Level 5$ 40,00010%2%4%60%$ 2,400
Level 6$ 60,00010%2%4%60%$ 3,600
Level 7$ 100,00010%2%4%65%$ 6,500
Level 8$ 150,00010%2%4%65%$ 9,750
Level 9$ 200,00010%2%4%65%$ 13,000
Level 10$ 250,00010%2%4%70%$ 17,500

The Trading Pit Review



Together with leading brokerage firms from around the world, this prop firm are building a progressive network of brokers and partners. They work alongside some of the biggest players in the game which includes regulated brokers so clients can trade with peace of mind. They have top trading conditions including tight spreads, low commission fees and deep liquidity pools to ensure rapid trade execution speeds.


The Trading Pit have a superb choice of trading platforms, including the popular MetaTrader (MT4/5) platforms. No matter how complex or simple your trading strategy is, there is a platform for everyone.

MetaTrader 4

Millions of traders have relied on the highly scalable MT4 (MetaTrader 4) trading platform since it was introduced in 2005. It was created to enhance and optimise the experience for experienced traders and make it simpler for new traders to enter the world of international markets. MT4 is conveniently accessible through desktop, mobile, and web platforms.

An expansive trading platform with all the features traders require to create their individual profiles and fine-tune their tactics. Scalping, intraday trading, strategic orders, and lone tactics are all types of trading, both manually and automatically. Any strategy enables traders to take advantage of market opportunities to the fullest. analyse and trade the markets quickly and easily.

MetaTrader 5

A top-notch platform, MetaTrader 5 (MT5) enables you to trade derivatives including forex, futures, stocks, indices, and commodities with ease. To submit numerous market orders and trade an unlimited number of symbols, use hedging and any strategy. To remain on top of market opportunities wherever you are, log into your account at any time.

Run or design robots, algorithms, and EAs for improved strategy development! To perfect your trading, use signals, unparalleled technical analysis with built-in indicators, and a full suite of analysis tools. Experience the all-in-one design, unrivalled functionality, and lightning-fast execution of the MT5 and engage in market speculation with the highest level of accuracy.


Many professional traders who are interested in order flow analysis, cluster analysis, volume market profile, and advanced technical analysis choose ATAS (Advanced Trading Analytical Software) as their platform of choice. It has tools that make market analysis simple and quick.

Additionally, ATAS includes a number of tools that raise the value of the information accessible in the markets and aid traders in maximising their trading efficiency. Across the globe, professional traders and proprietary trading organisations use the ATAS platform. On the US, European, and Russian markets, ATAS can be used to trade futures and shares.


Because of its low latency and good performance, Rithmic is one of the most used trading platforms for futures traders. Rithmic gives you the freedom to create your own trading programmes through its API, deploy them, and connect them to the execution platform without difficulty. Rithmic has a user Login fee of $35.


Due to the availability of access to Forex, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, Options, Futures, and Stocks, Quantower is the platform of choice for many seasoned traders interested in trading a range of assets. With a choice of interfaces and a workstation that can be completely configured, Quantower provides an extremely flexible and user-friendly trading environment. Additionally, Quantower provides a wide range of analytical tools and charts that enable traders to use algorithms to back their own strategies.


You may see the full market’s liquidity and order flow as you trade using Bookmap, a distinctive and well-liked analytical and trading software for futures. Bookmap provides you with the resources to comprehend the market in real-time so that you may trade fully aware of the changes occurring. It refreshes at a rate of 40 frames per second and has a heatmap that is customizable.

Unparalleled market information is provided by the platform’s in-depth features, which include heatmaps, volume tools, and a variety of indicators, such as imbalance and strength level indicators, large lot trackers, sophisticated volume deltas, and more. Users can take advantage of Bookmap’s strong services to learn more about the market, spot trends, find hidden price patterns, and comprehend order movement.

Traders from throughout the world use Bookmap to gain a better understanding of the market, to employ trading intelligence, and to position themselves more effectively.


StereoTrader is a cutting-edge platform for trading optimization that offers ground-breaking options for both manual and automatic trading. StereoTrader is a scalable trading panel for the MT4 and MT5 platforms that combines one-click functionalities with advanced risk management tools to streamline and speed up trading on CFDs, futures, and forex. You can cluster trade, employ lone techniques, or scalp. Whatever you want!

With over 35 one-click actions, sophisticated automation, and signals, you can improve your trade. Extensive visual precision, intelligent orders, expert advisors (EAs), and embedded algorithms are all features of enhanced charting. Use a wide variety of analytics tools and build or install trading robots. Utilize original real-time backtesting with complete visual control of your strategies. Learn quickly while reducing market noise and hazards!


You can trade currencies on the global forex market, which offers plenty of opportunities for those who understand its volatility. They also have a selection of commodities, indices and futures (EUREX and CME). Whatever your interests, there is something for everyone to trade.

However, they have yet to introduce individual stocks and cryptos although this is planned for the future. If these are asset classes that you are looking for, then you might want to consider Lux Trading Firm as an alternative prop firm.

Trading Pit Webinars

With the Trading Pit Webinars, you can learn something new, remain connected, become educated, and be inspired. Brimming with analysis, research, professional perspective, and useful suggestions.

Educational Videos

There is a section on the Trading Pit website where you can find a collection of informative trading videos that cover everything from indicators, strategies, market analysis, platforms and more. This is a good place to brush up on your knowledge in your own time, with well explained and easy to understand videos.

Trading Pit Blog

For product announcements, feature updates, user stories, and technical posts about banking, you might want to subscribe to The Trading Pit blog.


The Trading Pit squawkbox provides news, analysis and market commentary in real-time. Being aware of potential market-moving events in advance is essential to being a good trader. They are providing unique, free access to the first German Squawkbox for their traders. They continuously keep an eye on the key markets and announce when the technical levels are reached.

Trading in the modern day is continually saturated with information, which makes it difficult for certain traders to stay up. While numerous, expensive news outlets (Bloomberg, Reuters, etc.) fight to spread the news, traders must constantly distinguish between non-material information that can have an impact on their trading and material market information.

They enable you to take advantage of trading opportunities as they arise by providing the most recent news, updates, and discussion right on your dashboard. They have also improved content on central bank choices to help you efficiently optimise your trade.

  • Fast and accurate audio service of all market related news and economic figures
  • Comments on the European Central Bank and FED
  • Extensive Economic Data
  • Focus shift from the European session into the US cash session
  • Interactive Chat – Ask them anything at any time
  • Daily technical analysis of the major Eurex and CME products (Dax, Stoxx50, Bund, NQ,ES and more)
  • Data Archive Access
  • Online community where members can interact

Economic Calendar

You can find all the crucial market news and forthcoming events in the economic calendar on the Trading Pit website. It serves as a reference for what circ*mstances might result in chances for trading that move the market for all of the tradable assets they provide. Be sure to stay current on all significant financial developments before starting your prop trading journey. You can find out more details by clicking the event you’re interested in directly from within the calendar.

CME Heatmap

You can benefit from the power of CME Group’s Open Interest Heatmap. Open interest is the total number of futures contracts held by market participants at the end of the trading day. It is used as an indicator to determine market sentiment and the strength behind price trends.

Use the Options Open Interest Heatmap Tool to track where positions are concentrated. View current open interest and changes in volume and OI by strike, put or call, and expiration. Available for benchmark products across all CME Group asset classes, this tool gives you a concise view of how put/call option OI is distributed by strike and expiry.

Maximum capital$1,000,000
Profit split80%
News tradingYes
Weekend tradingYes
Automated tradingYes
Free trialNo
Maximum leverage1:200

The Trading Pit Review


Overall, The Trading Pit are a top prop trading firm that has an excellent all-round offering for anyone who is looking to put their trading skills to the test to try and qualify for a funded account. You can choose from flexible funded programs and trade a good range of financial instruments on professional yet user-friendly trading platforms. You also get access to some robust trading tools and market analysis to help take your trading strategies to the next level.

Despite the many positives, the 80% profit share is generous but comes shy of the 95% profit share that some competitors such as Finotive Funding offer. However, the trading challenges have some of the lowest costs you will find and they are flexible when it comes to trading strategies. The minimum 10 trading days is fair whilst 90 days should give you ample time to pass the challenges. In saying that, there are some strict trading restrictions that you need to abide by along the way.

8.7Expert Score

The Trading Pit Rating

The Trading Pit is a leading prop firm who offer $1M funding and up to 80% profit share for traders who pass the trading challenge without breaking any of the rules.







The Trading Pit Review


What is proprietary trading?

Proprietary trading or prop trading is when a trader trades financial instruments, such as currencies, stocks, bonds, commodities, and their derivatives, with a brokerage firm’s own money to make a profit for himself.

What is The Trading Pit?

The Trading Pit is a multi-award-winning global proprietary trading organisation that aims to improve the working conditions for traders. They are here to revolutionise the entire sector and to establish an altogether new industry with an innovative product.

Do I have to use my own funds to trade with The Trading Pit?

You won’t ever have to use your own money to trade while participating in their live trading experience. All Partners who successfully complete one of the Challenges are given a funded live account from The Trading Pit. The initial one-time purchase of one of the Challenges is the only cost that must be handled on your end.

Is prop trading with The Trading Pit legal?

Prop trading with The Trading Pit is both legitimate and educational. By going to The Trading Pit’s website, traders can register for this challenge and follow some rules which can improve their trading skills. If they succeed in The TradingPit challenge, they might have a chance to become financed traders.

How do prop trading firms make money?

Prop trading firms allow traders to trade through their live trading accounts. Only highly skilled traders with good risk management are permitted to join the platform. The earnings they generate using their knowledge and abilities are then split between the trader and the prop trading company. It is how the prop trading company makes money. They also make money by charging an initial fee to take part in the funded account challenges.

Is The Trading Pit legitimate?

Yes, The TradingPit is a fully legit prop trading platform that allows traders to take on the challenge of getting a funded account.

Which countries are not supported by The Trading Pit?

The Trading Pit is unable to support clients from the following countries:Burundi, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, South Sudan, Sudan and Syrian Arab Republic.

Why do I have to pay for a challenge?

Although the Challenges are referred to as ‘Demo Challenges’, they are evaluation ‘tests’ that, if passed successfully, will make you a Trading Pit Partner, in which case you will be compensated and will be able to scale all the way up to a regulated asset management certificate.

Can I open multiple accounts?

As long as you use the same email address for each purchase, there is no limit on the number of accounts you can buy. If you use the same email address for all accounts, you can manage them from the same Dashboard.Additionally, keep in mind that if you fail, you have the option to Reset, saving you from having to spend the full price once more.

Can I reset my account?

Let’s say you haven’t broken any account restrictions yet in the Challenge but your trading isn’t going well and you still have 30 days left. Reset enables you to restart your Challenge with a new account while preserving the days you had left prior to the breach.

When you want to restart the Challenge, you can do so by clicking the Reset button on your Dashboard. Alternately, if you broke the rules, you ought to have gotten an email with a Reset link.

Can I extend my challenge?

Suppose your trading is going successful, but you are running out of time to complete the Challenge. In that situation, you can extend your Challenge by a number of days without losing your current trading progress by using our Extend option. On the bottom left of your Dashboard, you can find our Extend button.

How can I move to a live account after completing my challenge?

A Request Upgrade button will appear on the bottom left of your Dashboard once you have successfully met your Profit Target without breaking any of the rules. Click on Request Upgrade, and after reviewing your account, a member of the team will contact you with additional steps for a live account.

Are The Trading Pit regulated?

The Trading Pit Challenge GmbH offers a variety of multi-asset virtual Trading Challenges in a demo/virtual environment. They do not provide any financial services therefore are under no need of regulation.

What withdrawal methods are available?

They currently support bank wire transfers for withdrawals and will soon be adding other withdrawal methods. Withdrawals are processed within 1 working day but depending on the provider, it can take between 2-7 working days for the funds to reach your account.

Can I get a refund?

As long as there hasn’t been any trading activity on your account for the first 14 days following your purchase, you are only eligible for a refund under their refund policy.

What is High WaterMark level?

The largest peak in value that your account has experienced during trading activity is known as a High WaterMark. Your account’s new High WaterMark will be set each time you reach a new “all-time high” (HWM). Please be aware that your HWM may be recorded on open or closed deals that are still in progress. The Challenge description will include information about this.

What happens if I surpass the Max Trailing Drawdown?

Once you surpass the Max Drawdown your account will be closed automatically (Breached).

Can I get a second chance after breaching my account?

Once you breach your account, you will have the option to Reset if you choose to.

Are stop loss and take profit required?

Using stop loss and take profit orders is not required when trading. However, because they’re a really effective risk management strategy, you might want to use them.

The Trading Pit Review 2024 - Pros, Cons and Ratings (18)

The Trading Pit Review

The Trading Pit Review 2024 - Pros, Cons and Ratings (2024)
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