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When you mention the name Melaka, the automatic image that comes to mindare the rich cultures that it delivers and rightfully so when it is dubbedas “the historic state.” Even when it is known as the third smallest statein Malaysia, Melaka managed to be enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Siteback in July 2008, which means the state is important to the interest ofhumanity. It has since become a very popular destination and the hike ofdemand for bus from Singapore to Melaka was pretty obviousto get that quick weekend getaway.

Singapore To Malacca Bus Operators

Since that validation by UNESCO for Melaka, so many bus operators have comeon-board to take advantage of this attraction by providing a list of greatoptions of buses that are travelling from the Lion City to the historicalstate in Malaysia. Some of the companies that have been popping up toprovide ground travel services by bus from Singapore to Melaka are707-Inc,,Citiexchange Express,Sri Maju Express,Starmart Expressand Konsortium, just to name a few.

Services by bus from Singapore to Melaka are available almost all day longby the different mentioned bus service dealers above, so you are able toeither choose from the normal buses to very luxurious coaches to reach yourdestination. Some of the bus operators will offer non-stop trip by bus toMelaka while others may make a pit-stop at different junctions for the 10to 20-minutes rest and relax time. Some of the alighting points in Melakaare located at Melaka Sentral, Equatorial Hotel, Renaissance Hotel, MahkotaHotel and Alor Gajah.

Bus Fares To Melaka From Singapore

The bus tickets will cost you a range within SGD10 right up to SGD50 pertrip. However, rates for children are usually priced at a much lower amountthan the adults.The approximate distance from Singapore to Melaka is 236km, so it takes about 3 to 4 hours travelling time depending on the roadtraffic of the hour during the direct express bus service you have booked.The VIP coach that goes to Melaka from Singapore would depart from CityPlaza, Beach Road, Kovan Hub bus terminal and many other spots. It would beadvised to book an early trip so you reach Melaka by or before lunch timefor a bite or two and have the rest of the day dedicated to exploring. Mindif we suggest some delicious Satay Celup and cooling Gula Melaka Cendol to fill your hungry stomachs uponarriving?

Things To Do in Melaka

So what else can you do in Melaka? There are many reasons, but let us breakdown a few key points for you. Besides being known as aninternationally-known state, you can find lots of sightseeing spots inMelaka such as the St. Paul’s Hill a.k.a. A’Famosa, the Jonker Walk alongthe famous Jonker Street, experience the Baba Nyonya culture, visiting theinfamous clock tower of Stadthuys, 18th-century Anglican Christ Church,Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, Maritime Museum, Hang Tuah’s Well, Kite Museumand the list goes on and on. As you can tell from that few mentioned spots,it is without a doubt a state that is rich in culture and history. It willprobably require you to spend more than just one day to soak in as much ofMelaka as you can, so best to dedicate at least your two-days weekend forit. You can have a quick getaway in order for escape the hustle and bustleof the city life to another place that isn’t too far or complicated, aswell as absorbing plenty of culture along the way for you and your entirefamily or friends too! It is never too late to learn.

If you’re the type that is a little bit more adventurous, here are a coupleof other more left field suggestions you can try out. You can customiseyour very own Mamee snack souvenirs at Mamee Monster Factory, go fishingoff the kelongs of Pantai Siring, picking rambutans at the MelakaTropical Fruit Farm, releasing baby Hawksbill turtles back into the sea,stand on the glass panels 42-floors above ground at Shore @ Melaka, just toname a few. Come 2019, a 3-in-1 mall / hotel / theme park called HarbourCity will be launched for a marine-themed experience like never before. Betyou didn’t know half of those things that you can actually do in there andit’s never too late to start planning that trip right now. Besides, youonly need to hop on a bus to Melaka to create beautiful moments to uploadto your social media accounts that will have your followers feel green withenvy.

Going back to the topic of food, you should know that Melaka is also knownto be a food haven, so that is another reason to give yourself that extraday of accommodation to return home feeling absolutely satisfied. With allof that sightseeing, you will need food to recharge for more. Some of theother food that you must try are the nyonya chang (nyonya ricedumpling), durian bomb, chicken rice ball, and of course you cannot leavewithout digging into the many variety of street food especially at JonkerStreet or other hidden stalls beyond the usual gastronomic hot spots. Itwould be wrong to leave Melaka without a full belly.

The process to book a bus from Singapore to Melaka is easy and if thosereasons given are not enough for you to make that plan to check out thehistorical state of Malaysia, we don’t know what is. Whether you are athome or on-the-go running your errands, you can make these bookings withjust a few clicks. Forget about the fuss of going all the way out to queueup for your tickets at different coach counters. Just log on toEasybook.com, find the details for bus from Singapore to Melaka here. Choose your preferred dates and times, then pick the seats that youfavour, as well as getting a few good discounts and benefits along the way.Happy travelling!


1. How do I book a bus from Singapore to Malacca?

You can book a bus from Singapore to Malacca on Easybook.com or through Easybook mobile app on your smartphone. You can view bus schedules according to your preferred travel dates. The booking can be done just within a few clicks.

2. How long is the bus journey from Singapore to Malacca?

The travel duration from Singapore to Malacca takes around 4 hours minutes. It may take longer if the road is congested and it also depends on how many stops the driver makes during the journey.

3. How much does it cost for bus from Singapore to Malacca?

The bus ticket price for Singapore to Malacca bus route is between SGD18 to SGD45. The price may vary depending on which bus operator and type of bus you choose to travel with.

4. Where is the pick-up and drop-off point for Singapore to Malacca bus?

The pick-up points for Singapore to Malacca bus route are located at Concorde Hotel (Orchard Road), Golden Mile Complex, Golden Mile Express Bus Terminal, Golden Mile Tower, Lavender Aperia Mall and Little India. The drop-off points include Ayer Keroh Toll, Casa Del Rio Melaka Hotel, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, Hatten Hotel Malacca, Imperial Heritage Hotel Malacca, Malacca (Double Tree Hilton), Melaka Sentral, Swiss Garden Hotel and Residences Malacca and The Straits Hotel and Suites

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52% OFF Bus Singapore to Malacca fr SGD 20.00 (2024)
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