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10 Best Sites Like Craigslist For Gigs And Jobs | 2023 - Digital Gondola (1)

Looking for a gig on the internet usually involves a long search and sorting through a pile of available gigs. Some of the leads will lead somewhere, while others will be a waste of your precious time.

However, several websites on the internet have all the information that you need in one place. They are more organized and regularly updated to ensure that you always get the information you need whenever you are looking for gigs and jobs.

One of the main examples is Craigslist. This is the leading website with all the best job listings and the best online classifieds website. It can be really useful whenever you are looking for a job and gives you a huge selection of jobs to choose from.

The included search feature is also quite powerful and ensures that you can get jobs that match your interests. In addition to Craigslist, there are other free local classified ads on sites like Craigslist that offer similar features and information to ensure that you can always get the latest available gigs.

These websites are also regularly updated, and as such, you can be sure that you will always find relevant information in your job search.

Craigslist has, unfortunately, been having some problems such as UI inconsistencies and issues with interacting with them. There have also been several cases of people getting badly cheated out of their earnings and running into losses that take ages to heal.

Scammers have been taking advantage of the popularity of the site to obtain free labor from innocent people that are simply looking for their next meal. This has led to a loss of trust in the platform and a decline in its popularity.

Following are some of the Craigslist alternatives to enable you to make your search for a gig or job on the internet easier.

Each alternative has its benefits and unique features that stand out from the rest, and the pricing also varies. Let us head right into the list and see other places to find new gigs and jobs to get you some additional income in hard times.

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If you offer professional services on a freelance basis, this is the best place to get hired. You can sign up, list your skills on your Fiver profile and get job offers from people interested in your skills. There are also plenty of job seekers and finders posting regularly on the website, and the gigs come with different pricing.

As such, you can easily choose the gigs that interest you and match your skills. The website is also properly organized to ease your search for gigs and jobs on the internet.

Key features
  • Simplified workflow and hiring process
  • Regularly updated gigs
  • Organized job listings for easier use of the website
  • An intuitive user interface to make information easier to find.
  • Efficient workspaces that enhance productivity
  • Simple payments
  • Depends on the project. It can be anywhere between $5 and $995 per project.

Try Fiverr



If you are looking for an opportunity to put your talent to use, this is the best website for you. Upwork.com, like Craigslist, has the best listing of jobs, and the hiring process for job sites is straightforward and effective.

You can also provide samples to potential employers and get hired much faster. The platform itself is also fast and reliable and can handle thousands of secure transactions each day.

As a professional, you get access to the best selection of clients, and there are always new employers looking for skilled people to hire for various projects. The gigs are also regularly updated with fresh jobs, and the entire process of getting a gig that matches your talent is much easier on the platform.

Key features
  • Freelancer profile to showcase your work and open you up for more job opportunities
  • Organized gigs with different categories
  • Optimized platform for freelancing
    Powerful search features to find jobs faster
  • Freelancers can work from anywhere they can access Upwork.com
  • Showcase your skills to get hired
  • It is free for freelancers, but clients get charged between 5% and 20% service fees for each project they post on the platform.

Try Upwork



As a freelancer on the web, this is one of the best websites for you. It allows you to showcase your talent and get hired to put your skills to use. On Freelancer, employers canpost jobsand jobseekers can apply for them without leaving the site.

The website is regularly updated with new projects, and as a freelancer, you always get to select the project that matches your skills. You can also create a portfolio that will enable you to get hired much more quickly and attract the right employers.

Work samples are really valuable on the platform and will enable you to get selected for a job compared to other freelancers. The platform itself is quite competitive but presents some of the best freelancers with amazing pay opportunities.

Key features
  • Bid on the projects that you like and make your offer to the employer.
  • Create your portfolio and work samples to get hired faster
  • Simple communication using efficient and reliable features on the website.
  • Reasonable prices for freelancers and a transparent working environment.
  • Work is organized into categories
  • 3% of the price of the project once it has been awarded

Try freelancer



Working remotely has been a growing trend in recent years as more people realize the power of the internet and turn their skills into a source of income. Truelancer.com is one of the websites where you can showcase your talent and attract potential employers with your profile.

There are plenty of projects posted daily by employers, and you can always propose a gig that matches your interest and skills. The website itself is also easy to use and properly organized to maximize your productivity.

Key features
  • Effective collaboration on the platform for better gigs.
  • Simple file sharing with powerful cloud features.
  • Chat with the employers to ensure that the project goes smoothly.
  • Secure payments to ensure a transparent working ecosystem.
  • Dedicated customer support to ensure that your issues are sorted on time.
  • 8% to 10% on all billed works

Try truelancer



Guru is another Craigslist alternative where your talent and skills will earn you revenue when working on this platform. As a freelancer, this is one of the best places to find work online.

It has a reliable listing of gigs that is regularly updated. The clients are also well-paying, and as long as you have a good portfolio to showcase your skills, you will easily get the posted jobs.

Getting hired on the platform is also easy, and the website has made it easier to collaborate with the employer and ensure that you provide the best quality of work. The website is also properly organized, and as such, you will easily get the project you are looking for.

Key features
  • Reliable job postings that are regularly updated.
  • Collaboration is easy on the platform and open communication is highly encouraged.
  • Flexible payment models for the convenience of the employer and the freelancer.
  • Organized skills to ensure that your skills are discovered.
  • The basic plan is free
  • Basic+ costs $11.95/month
  • Professional plan costs $21.95/month
  • The business plan costs $33.95/month
  • Executive plan costs $49.95/month

Pro Tip: Save up to 27% on the paid plans with the annual billing option.

Try free plan



This job board is meant for more than online jobs and has features that make it unique. The job site has some listings for unique jobs that come in tasks. For instance, moving to a new home will require packing and unpacking, and you can easily get hired for such tasks on the website.

The website is also simple and gives you a greater variety of jobs that do not require much experience or training. You can also find local projects within your area, and the prices are always included with each project.

Key features
  • The platform offers support for more skills with fewer requirements in terms of experience and qualifications.
  • Get hired based on your skills.
  • Chat with your employer and get paid through the platform.
  • Efficient hiring process.
  • Rating feature to enable you to get more jobs.
  • Clients get charged a service fee while taskers get 100% of any amount reimbursed to them.

Try TaskRabbit



FlexJobs is one of the best websites to find work remotely. Whenever you are looking for a flexible job opportunity to get you some additional income, this is the ideal website for you.

The website also features one of the best search tools that let you search for a job based on keywords and the location of the job.

This incredible feature enables you to get a job that matches your preferences. The listing of jobs is also regularly updated, and the quality of the listings is quite impressive. This website will find you the best job search experience on the internet.

Key features
  • Extensive job listing that is always updated with fresh introductions.
  • Powerful search tool for faster job discovery on the platform.
  • Employers are researched to ensure freelancers are not scammed.
  • Webinars and other training to enable you to level up on FlexJobs.
  • Filter your job listings for better personalization
    Helpful and reliable customer support
  • 1 week: $9.95
  • 1 month: $24.95
  • 3 months: $39.95
  • 1 year: $59.95

Try Flexjobs



With access to millions of jobs, this is a powerful search engine for jobs and gigs on the internet. With your resume uploaded to your profile, you will easily get matched with potential job seekers and have opportunities to be hired.

You can also browse the website for their latest job listings and narrow your search to specific features like salary and location.

Key features
  • SimplyHired has a simpler user experience for freelancers.
  • It also has a lower barrier to entry and is more conducive to newcomers.
  • Extensive job listing from the employers that are always updated.
  • Powerful search features to locate jobs faster.
  • Personalized listings based on your skills.
  • Free listings. Employers are charged to contact the applicants.

Try simplyhired



This is the largest social network for professionals and an ideal place to get a job. There is always a company listing a job on the giant social network, and as a suitable candidate, it is the best place to get matched with your best employer.

The listings are quite detailed, and reaching out to potential employers or making an application is simplified. You can use your LinkedIn profile as your resume and get connected instantly to millions of employers and other companies.

Key features
  • Worldwide coverage and popularity ensure that you have access to the best opportunities.
  • Ease of use with a mobile app included.
  • Powerful search capabilities to locate employers and companies with ease.
  • Easy job applications that make use of your professional profile.
  • Millions of potential employers.
  • Regularly updated information.
  • Premium career costs $29.99/month.

Try linkedIn



Find the ideal fit for a job that matches your talent and skills on Monster. The powerful search feature and ease of use o the platform ensure that you can easily find the job you need in minutes.

A huge database of jobs to find gigs is always regularly updated to ensure that you have the best selection of jobs to choose from. They also offer career advice, and getting started with a free account is straightforward. This is the best place to find jobs and gigs on the web.

Key features
  • Impressive profiles enable you to get noticed by potential employers.
  • Easy-to-use interface for the best job search experience.
  • Advanced search features on Monster ensure that you are able to narrow down to the job that you want.
  • Massive database of job opportunities to ensure that you are able to find a gig.
  • Free for candidates

Try monster

Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the best side gig?

Writing is a good side gig that has huge income potential and is also fun and rewarding in itself. There are various types of content that are required on the web and being able to prepare engaging content for readers will earn you good money.

Q. What are some passive income ideas?

Blogging, making websites and mobile apps are some ideal ways to make a passive income. They only require a bit of your time and do not ask for much maintenance on your part. As such, you can work on them for a while and leave them to sustain themselves on their own.

Q. Is Craigslist losing popularity?

There has been a decline in the paid job ads on the website showing a 37% loss in popularity of the platform. Scammers have been swarming the site and preying on innocent freelancers. Things have gotten ugly on the platform that has witnessed a whole lot of freelancers limp from the site after being defrauded by evil clients.

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